A Chance to Dance was founded in 2013 and is a non-profit organization that offers dance classes free of charge to children of all ages with various special needs. A Chance to Dance was founded on the platform that our student's families would not have to pay for classes or costumes because we did not want expenses to keep anyone from participating in our program. In addition to the medical bills, child care, and therapies that our families have to pay for for their children we did not want A Chance to Dance to be added as another expense. We are fortunate to have opened up our own studio in Georgetown, KY, that everyone involved in the program volunteers their time and that we are surrounded by generous people and a giving community who donate and sponsor our program. Our students have class on a weekly basis where they learn the basics of dance as well as how to interact and form relationships with others. Currently, our program has three classes divided by age that meet at various times throughout the week. We try our best to have each student paired with a class assistant who volunteers their time on a weekly basis to help with the program. Over the years we have seen how beneficial this is to our students to have someone work one on one with them. In addition to our weekly classes, our students participate in various performances throughout the year. Our performances include recitals, competitions, local performances, etc. 


Miss Jenna is the founder and director of A Chance to Dance and has the privilege of working with our students on a weekly basis every Sunday, teaching them dance and how to interact with others. Miss Jenna grew up in the dance world, dancing since the age of three, and was part of a Performing Arts Company as well as school and other dance teams. She has always had a passion for dance and helping others and was inspired to combine the two passions. She created A Chance to Dance when she was a Junior in High School. Miss Jenna started the program with only four students but when she went to college at the University of Kentucky she took her dance program with her to Lexington and now has twenty-four students! While she leads the class and teaches the students every week, the students seem to teach her something every week too. Through her program, she has learned that every student is unique and learns in a different way. This has taught her how to accommodate each student's needs’ and how to differentiate instruction for each individual student. Her program has also given her the passion to break stereotypes. She has experienced firsthand working with amazing, loving, sweet children and young adults that are oftentimes stereotyped and misunderstood. Through her program she tries to break these stereotypes by creating a positive environment for her volunteers to interact with the students and through the various performances they do that help show people what the students are capable of doing. Furthermore, Jenna says that "our students have shown me that they are just like any other person and are capable of accomplishing anything regardless of their disability. Some of our students might need a little extra help or guidance but I have watched their determination and resilience help them achieve anything they set their mind to. A Chance to Dance is truly a blessing to me and working with each of the students has been the most rewarding experience!"


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